Building a business isn't an easy job.

Resources, good planning and experienced guidance - are key to success.

Mentors of MVP Workshop company and other guest lecturers teach participants to define, build and develop a successful business.

They transfer to young people years of experience in running startup companies.

During the three-month program, participants focus on go-to market strategies, getting to know potential clients and market size, building a MVP - Minimum Viable Product and maximizing learning.

How does the Startup Center work?

Teams are working intensively to validate their startup ideas. By the end of the course, they develop and test their product or service, the initial business model, as well as the strategies for entering the market.

Support and cooperation of team members on a common path of development of the company, strengthens team relations and helps in distribution of work tasks.

At the same time, each team member works on personal improvement and better skills and practical knowledge.

Monthly Goals Before the program starts: a series of introductory lectures on the importance of startups in today's economy. First month: The next stage goal is to ensure students can define their Problem Statement, Target Market (they investigate competition and market) and start doing Customer Development Second month: is reserved for collecting Customer Data, participants should know how to work on their assumptions, constructs and define their MVP and test it. Third Month: is time for teams to complete their Go to Market Strategy, Budget Forecast and know how to defend it. Demo Day: is the crown of everything the teams are doing for three months, as they have the opportunity to present their startups to investors.

They unselfishly help teams to validate their business ideas and lead them through the challenging world of entrepreneurship