Fourth generation



Matija Golubović
Stevan Raković
Milorad Bežanić
Jovan Lazić

B2B SaaS that provides precise analytics for content on social networks, by categories of products or services, using a machine learning algorithm and Creative Data Science methods.


Dušan Zdravković
Slaviša Savić
Andrea Urošević

Cody Games teaches children programming at the earliest age. These are games for children aged 5 to 7 who improve cognitive abilities in children and develop abstract, logical and algorithmic thinking, with special emphasis that children can later enter the world of coding and programming. The games will be such that, in addition to the above-mentioned things, they stimulate creativity and research spirit among children, which is also very important in programming.


Jovan Jovanović
Kristian Živanović

A gated community is a closed community that has a guard at the entrance, which takes care of who enters the settlement. Gately is a mobile application that is used to increase security and facilitate access within the gated community. Our product would enable them easier entry and exit from the settlement, as well as calling guests.


Bojana Vasić
Danko Vasić
Igor Milenković
Nikola Gregec

Case Time is a web platform for dealing with case studies. All interested companies will be able whenever they want to put case studies on our platform, and everyone who wants to be able to solve them and participate.

Third generation


Vladislav Pavlov
Pavle Pavlov

Shop Guru team creates a mobile application that helps buyers find a product at the supermarket by showing products from the shopping list at the store’s stores. They want to ease everyday shopping and save time for all customers when finding products on the shelves.


Aleksandar Mijatović
Dušan Damljanović
Petar Radivojević
Ksenija Pavun
Katarina Dimić

This team creates a chatbot that, in addition to its basic ability to respond to user messages, can retrieve real-time information from various APIs and distribute them to the user, and also to read and change data from the database. All this based on the message that the user has entered. Research shows that the use of chat is very intuitive and users can quickly execute desired site activities rather than a classic approach.


Nikola Blaževski
Antonina Marin
Nikola Zlatić
Ognjen Lazarević

The Rentijer is a web platform that connects landlords who are willing to lease their item and make a profit on the basis of it and the renters who hire this object and pay a certain fee for the period of its use. In this way, one party earns money on an item that is not used daily, while the other side saves, paying a much smaller amount for the item that she currently needs.


Stefan Vukobrat
Vladimir Stanković
Milena Milutinović
Srđan Stojadinović

Pet guards is a platform that connects pet owners with certified guards and walkers in situations where owners can not devote the necessary time to their pets. In addition to guards and walkers, Pet Guards connects owners with veterinarians, dressers, scavengers and other pet service providers. On the other hand, they give the unemployed and students an opportunity to earn money by doing what they like, i.e. spending time with pets.


Mina Granić
Jelena Novaković
Nemanja Granić

This team is planning to create a product that would be a great game for lovers of puzzles and social games around the world. It would be the real Escape Room in a box, or a social game with puzzles leading to the final solution of the box. Also, it would function as a subscription: regular customers would get the box at their home address.


Petar Radovanović
Nikola Ćurčić
Bojan Vasiljević
Dijana Janošević
Stefan Petričević

Trusteed is an in-depth analysis tool for Instagram powered by AI and data science algorithms to help you get the most out of your account.

Work and earn

Dragana Jovčić
Jelena Joksimović
Dušan Cemović
Stefan Milenković

Work and earn is an online platform where people such as bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, mothers with small children can take on a one-time job (cleaning, ironing, petty repairs, transferring heavy things, cooking, delivery, guarding pets) delegate to people who are interested in the task.


Dragan Usić
Jovan Milovanović
Anja Bjeloglav
Vladimir Vukanac

This team has set itself the task of finding a solution to manage the workforce on the ground, as well as to provide precise record of hours worked. Their intention is to help companies in the private security sector increase control, efficiency and savings, but also allow the use of the system from any location.

First generation


Vuk Pajović
Miloš Vujadinović
Nikola Batić

This team creates a “Linker”, a device that provides easy communication while dealing with sports such as skiing, alpinism, mountain bike. The device itself consists of two parts, one with a built-in microphone and a speaker, and another that can be easily placed on a bicycle, helmet or some part of the body and where the communication button is located.



Boris Lojaničić
Dimitrije Stojanović
Marko Klać
Nikola Krivačević
Ilijana Drača

We are working on developing a web platform that connects cyclists and tourists. On the one hand, we want to provide tourists with an exciting and adventurous but also efficient way of touring new cities through a bicycle with the help of a guide. In this way, tourists will be able to explore more in a short time, learn interesting things from a local guide, exchange experiences and make friends in the new city. On the other hand, we want every cycling lover to provide an additional way of earning in free time by creating a tour of the city.


Vladimir Despotović
Vladan Strugarević
Dejan Petrović

Alt.cult is a team of altcoin analysts with the goal of generating excessively high revenues compared to portfolio investments in mainstream crypto currencies. We use advanced fundamental analysis of each altcoin we invest in, while with technical analysis we determine the time of the ultimate and exit from positions.

Second generation